If you'd like to grow your business, get more exposure and increase your profits, without the high costs of advertising, I've got four words for you:


Discover how you can harness the power of FREE publicity, to attract more customers, get more visibility and increase your credibility - and NEVER pay for advertising - with PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS! 

From: Shannon Cherry, PR Pro and former TV anchor

"Advertising is what you PAY for... Publicity is what you pray for."

If you're like the hundreds of people I talk with every week, you want publicity for your business. Whether you're a coach, entrepreneur, consultant, solo professional or small business owner, you know that getting media exposure can do great things for you including:

  • increase your exposure
  • make you the go-to expert in your field
  • boost your profits
  • raise your search rankings so more prospects can find you
  • get people talking
  • and even make your competition green with envy

But best of all, unlike advertising and other marketing methods, you don't have to spend any money to get publicity. I mean...

Have you seen the fees for buying an ad lately?

Most major newspapers won't really let you advertise on the front page, but I just checked the prices for USA Today, one of the leading national newspapers in the United States. They will charge you $16,900 to run a 5"x4" black and white 1 time run ad on any Monday through Thursday. You'll find similar rates with other large publications. (Well that goes your whole marketing budget - and then some, huh?)

You might get yourself and ad on the front page of a small, local paper, but they'll still charge you a bunch of cash for a tiny ad. One such tiny US paper will give you a 4-1/4" x 1-3/4" ad on the front page and run it for you once for $750 a pop. (Still a lot of money to invest in something that may or may not work!)

Then there's online advertising...

Online advertising tends to be a bit more affordable and it's easier to track your results, but consider if you buy banners, you'll still be paying up to 10 cents per IMPRESSION or even more. This means you'll pay something like 2 to 10 cents every time your banner is shown -- forget about how many times someone clicks through to view your offer.

Think you're safer with pay-per-click search engines ads? Think again... Sure, you only pay when someone clicks to view your offer. But click prices are going through the roof. Expect to pay $1, $2 or even $10 for some very highly competitive keyword phrases. And here's the dirty little secret no one selling pay-per-click ads is telling you: your competition is click on your ads to screw you over. (I have clients who confess to this all the time!)

Can you really afford all that for your business?

It's not that advertising is a bad thing. It's not. You can use it to promote your business. But you need to be prepared to spend thousands of dollars from your marketing budget to see any success. That's why the big companies dominate the advertising market: they buy thousands of ad spots in order to make sure you remember them and what they are selling.

McDonald's spends more than $1.5 billion every year on advertising ALONE! Are you going to compete with that?

I'm here to tell you, there is a better way to gain plenty of exposure for your business that's even better than advertising and free. Like I said before:


You can get stories in the media about you, your company, your books, your products and your services. All you have to do is write a press release.

And remember, when these stories appear on TV, on the radio, in newspapers, in magazines, on blogs and other Internet sites, people will find you more credible. After all, people believe the news stories the media tells them. They don't look on them with suspicion, as they do with advertising. (I mean, when was the last time you looked at an ad and thought it wasn't hype?)

Plus, when you post press releases online in a very specific way, you'll also increase your search rankings, allowing folks on the Internet to find you faster!

You can't BUY exposure like that.

Here's the best part: if you can write a few sentences together and start to build a media contact list, you can write your own press releases at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone like me to do it for you.

Speaking of me, you probably need to know why I know all this...

Shannon Cherry - business strategiest, PR Pro

I'm Shannon Cherry. Not only am I a business and marketing strategiest for coaches and consultants, I'm also a public relations (PR) pro who still owns a thriving PR and Marketing firm.  I know what it takes to get people great media coverage because before I started my coaching and consulting practice, I was TV news pro.

Heck, I've even gotten a few people on Oprah, as well as several major news shows and talk shows, and in some of the top newspapers and magazines. Personally, I've been seen in PR Daily, PR News, Newsweek, Parents, BusinessWeek and many more.

How'd I do it? With press releases of course! And now I'll share all my secrets with you with my new program, PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS!

Can Someone Like Me Really Create And Distribute My Own Press Releases Without Being A Professional Public Relations & Publicity Expert?
The Answer To That Question Used to Be a Resounding No, But Not Anymore

You see, most courses or products out there make it sound complicated and difficult to create your own marketing campaign using press releases, but the truth is, it's not complicated or difficult at all...IF, and that's a big IF, you have templates to eliminate the need for hiring people like me!

And it doesn't have to take a lot of time to get your press release campaign going. A few hours work can turn into highly targeted prospects and a positive image for you and your business.

Let me be very clear on this, you're not going to attract more prospects simply by having a website. And who wants to pay thousands of dollars for advertising that's not very effective?

What you need is a system that combines both the offline exposure with online search rankings and that's where PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS comes in!

When you see what you're getting with PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS, you'll know this is a different kind of marketing and publicity toolkit.

There are a lot of press release marketing programs out there (often promoted by folks who have no experience in public relations and publicity) that give you an ebook and a couple of sample they pulled off the Internet somewhere, and that's it! But not with PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS. Take a look:

  • The Printable Press Release Success Guide. This no-nonsense, no fluff guide shows you how to:
    • craft the two different press releases
    • find newsworthy ideas for releases that the media and your target market will love
    • increase your reach with your own media section on your website
    • correctly write your releases so they won't be thrown in the trash can (the most common mistake I share could make or break your results - and it's NOT what you think!)
    • create and build a media database without spending anything
    • handle a media interview effectively
  • An exclusive e-course to give you more support while writing and distributing your releases
  • A basic press release template and several press release samples that have won media coverage
  • My very own press release checklist that I use to create and distribute press releases, as well as to ensure correct follow up with reporters.
  • 10 (ten) fill-in-the-blank press releases for you to easily customize. These releases have been proven to get media coverage. Just plug in your information as indicated and you're ready to go.
  • Press Release Success press release software for PCs. This software allows you to choose the format you want to use (HTML or plain text). Then the software guides you through each important component of  your press release. Here's an example from the first screen of the software:

    Software Screenshot

Once you've completed all the steps, with guidance along the way, your release will be completely formatted and ready to send. You can use it with the templates I've provided or if you need to create something new, the software will do it for you.

Of course, I still have more goodies to offer you (keep reading this letter)... but I know you're already curious about the price... and for good reason: the complete PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS package, including templates and software, sounds very valuable - and it is!

You can buy the entire PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS program for

ONLY $67!

Why is something so good, well... so cheap?

Normally, you'd now read about how valuable PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS is or some comparison to hiring me in order for you to see what a bargain this really is. But here's the thing: Press Releases are the ONLY marketing tool that can be used both ONLINE and OFFLINE for the best bang for your buck. When you learn how to write and distribute them correctly, you will see more traffic to your websites and attract more prospects easily.

For some people, PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS has really made a difference to their business. Check out what Beth Earle had to say about PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS:

Having been on Shannon Cherry's list for quite a while I have grown to trust her through the useful content she freely shares, so when her Press Release Success kit came out, the timing was perfect for it to be my first purchase from her. I didn't hesitate. She's truly an expert when it comes to anything public relations-related, and it shows in this quality product.

I bought the PLR rights so I can use it for my clients and volunteer work as well. In just the last week or so I have used it several times! My volunteer committee members think I'm doing an awesome job, and this product is one of the reasons for that.

This is an excellent product I highly recommend. It has simplified this task for me, saved me time and money, and the price was very reasonable. I feel it  would be useful for both beginners like me, as well as those who are already doing press releases. It's helping me quickly establish myself as an expert, which is a super bonus!

But there's more you need to know...

Because the price is so low for PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS, I need to put in a little disclaimer. PRESS RELEASE SUCCESS is for your own PERSONAL use. You can not use it for any clients you may have, or share any of the resources, including the templates and software, with anyone else.

However, if you are interested in Private Label Rights (PLR) to the entire product, I have a special offer for you... it's only $97 - Click here to find out more.

I almost forgot about the additional free bonuses.

I'm proud to give you additional resources to help you boost your publicity campaign even further. These bonus weren't just thrown together to add perceived value. They are created and included to help you in your press release marketing campaigns.

Press Release SuccessBonus #1: SEO Press Release Guide (a $37 value). Remember how I told you that your press releases can increase your rankings on Google and other search engines. This guide will show you exactly how to format your press releases to make sure people using search engines find you before they find your competitors.

Bonus #2: 101 Press Release Ideas Report (a $37 value). Never run out of ideas for press releases ever again.

Bonus #3: Create Your Own Online Media Room Guide (a $47 value). If you want to kick your publicity campaign up a notch, you need to create your own media room. I'll show you my exclusive method to make the most of it by using social media automatically to boost your press release reach!

Plus a couple more surprises!

I've been told to end this sales letter with a big push. But either you get it at this point and want to keep your marketing budget in check by using press releases as your promotional tool, or you're just not interested. (That's ok. Thanks for stopping by just the same.)

So let's keep it simple: just click the button below to get started.

Yes, Shannon, I get it! I want the Press Release Success system!

Share with me your Press Release Success System so I can start building my media exposure on a shoestring budget.

I understand my home study course is for my personal use and it includes:

  • Study guide detailing everything I need to know to launch a successful press release campaign.
  • Accompanying e-course so I can continue getting tips and ideas as I am working on my press releases.
  • Basic template to write the perfectly formatted press release.
  • Sample press releases to study and help me create my own press releases.
  • Press Release Success Software to easily craft perfectly formatted press releases. System Requirements: Windows Operatiing System (Not Mac compatible)
  • Press Release Distribution Checklist to make sure I don't skip any steps.
  • 10 fill-in-the-blank press releases where all I have to do is enter my information where indicated and I'm ready to send it out.
  • Additional bonuses 

I only have to pay $67 for the personal use license of this system.

Buy NOw
Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

To your publicity success!

Shannon Cherry, APR, MA
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